Mother's Day

4 ideas for a Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s Day is coming. Are you ready for it yet?

No? Take a look at these selfmade gift ideas, I know your mum will like it a lot.

1. An artificial flower wreath

What do you need?

artificial flowers krans

a wreath frame

clipping tool


How to proceed?

  1. Cut your flowers with the clipping tool
  2. Place them in the wreath between the branches
  3. Hang the ribbon on top

That’s it!

2. An articial flower centerpiece

What do you need?

– old flower pot

  • artificial flowers
  • a wooden heart picker
  • foam
  • clipping tool
  • knife and cutting board

How to do it:

First cut the foam on a cutting board so it fits your flower pot

Then cut the flowers to the size of the flower pot

Place them in the foam.

Finish with the wooden heart picker and perhaps other accessoires.

Simple as that!

3. Wooden Sign – Botanical Design

What do you need?

Wooden round sign

flowr vinyl sticker


How to proceed?

Place the transferfoil over your flower sticker and pull of the white backer. Set the transfer paper on top of your wooden circle and and smooth it out gently over the top with a credit card, or some sort. Slowly pull of the transfer foil. If the vinyl foil doesn’t stick to the board, you’ll need to smooth it out again.

4. Wooden deco house

What do you need?

Wooden house, sticker vinyl, paint and transfer foil

How to start?

1) Paint the house (if you want to, it’s not necessary)

2) Let the paint dry (if you do painted it)

3) Place the transfer foil over the sticker vinyl

4) Pull of the white backer of the sticker vinyl

5) Set it over your wooden home

6) Smooth it out with a credit card or something like it

5) Gently pull off the transfer foil. The vinyl should stick to your house. If not, you’ll have to redo step 6.

These 4 DIY Mother’s Day Gift ideas should do the trick to give your mom a special day. I’m sure she would love to have these presents. Adn if you’re a mum yourself, why not make these as a midday afternoon activities with your kids.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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