Are you ready for Halloween?

m an avid Halloween fan and I love getting started on my own. With a few basic products in the local shops, I just make everything else myself. It is not only easy, but also good for your wallet to get started yourself.

Plus if you could do it with your girlfriends, or maybe even prepare it with your kids, would you?

Below are some of my 5 inspiring Halloween decorating tips that you can apply at home:

Very easy and cheap. Will you join us?

  • Drinking cup skeleton
  • I put A spell on You template
  • Pumpkin tea light holder
  • Halloween wreath
  • Witches Brew potion bottle

5 Halloween home decor DIY ideas:

1. Drinking cup skelet

As soon as Halloween starts, you can find Halloween drinking cups almost everywhere. I once bought these copies through the Fun and even though they are more likely to be used for drinking. Still, I don’t like drinking from it. That is why they also serve as Halloween closet decorations.

How do you do this?

Turn it upside down and place tea lights on it. You can light this one, but if you don’t trust it, battery-operated tealights are also a simple replacement.

2. I Put A Spell On You Wooden decoblock

For a true witch, You will need a template as this. Templates can be find throughout several stencil shops like Creative Fabrica, Cricut Design space, perhaps Canva is also a great tool to work with. This template was made by me.

What do you need? A small wooden decoblock, paint, a template or vinyl to be exact to transfer it to your wood.

Zet deze op zijn kop en plaats er theelichtjes op. Deze kan je aansteken, maar als je het niet vertrouwt, zijn theelichtjes op batterijen ook een simpele vervanging.

Template Design by Rafe & Shiro’s Home

3. Pumpkin tealight holder

Photo copyright – Rafe & Shiro’s Home

For this Halloween DIY project, you will need a porcelin tealight holder like these.

I bought mine at CCHobby.be and painted them into an orange and grey variant. A quick and fun project. When it’s Halloween, you will only need to add a tealight and you are set.

4. Halloween Wreath

A Halloween wreath has it origin from America. You don’t see it that often in Belgium. I don’t why I like it so much, but yeah, I do. It’s not that you can’t make it yourself. There are some local shops where you can find decomesh and start making your own Halloween wreath.

This Halloween Wreath is one of my creations. It consists of a frame, spiders, Halloween wired ribbons and decomesh.

Great to hang at your front door and I can guarantee that plenty of kids will stop at your door for a trick or a treat.

Halloween Wreath – creation by Rafe & Shiro’s Home

5.  Witch Brews potion bottle

Again for the Halloween witches lovers out there, a DIY witch brews potion bottle idea.

How do you start?

  • Clear out an empty bottle and let it dry
  • paint the bottle and let it dry again
  • Give it another paint coat and wait again to dry
  • Template or vinyl Witch Brew Potion label
  • Place the transfer over the black vinyl and pull of the backer of the vinyl
  • Place it on top of your bottle and press
  • Pull the transfer off your black vinyl
  • And it should look like this

So these are my Halloween ideas for 2021. Got any questions? Feel free to ask.

And if not, happy Halloween creations!


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