DIY Wooden Block

Do you love your home? If the answer is yes, bring warmth into your living room with these DIY tips to make your own wooden block home decor.

Copyright Photo – Rafe & Shiro’s Home – Believe wooden deco block (repurposed wood)

What do you need?

  • repurposed wood (or a wooden board)
  • paint
  • brushes or paint roller
  • cricut peel set
  • sand paper
  • font style (of your choice)
  • cut white sticker film (word of your choice)
  • transfer foil to transfer sticker to your wooden board

How do I get started?

  1. Like any surface, you must make it free of dust, ready to be painted. If your object has not been sanded, you still have to do this yourself. The surface must be sanded smooth before you can actually paint.
  2. You can use a primer as a basic coat, if you really want. But for home decor you can also skip this step.
  3. When the surface is ready to be painted (best to use wall paint for best result)
  4. Give the wood block 2 coats of paint. Take into account that it needs a certain drying time in between coats.
  5. Cut the font style out of white vinyl with a Cricut Maker machine, or any sort of plotter.
  6. Weed the white vinyl to have access of your font style
  7. Place the transfer foil over the white letter sticker
  8.  Make sure it is bubble-free by smoothing it out well with a Cricut roller, or a creditcard works too.
  9. Remove the background of your vinyl (mostly white paper on the backer)
  10. And place it on top of the wooden block (be careful not to press that hard, before it actually lies good)
  11. Once it is set on where you want it to be, press it well onto your wooden surface.
  12. Afterwards you can peel off the transfer foil and the white vinyl will stick to your wooden block

If everything went well, you now have a beautiful unique wooden block for your home, or perhaps someone else’s home. It does make a great personal gift as well.

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