Halloween Wreath | How to make

Decorating your home for Halloween is something I do every year. These American Halloween wreaths can’t be bought in Belgium, so that’s why I create my own.

Anyone can make their own Halloween decorations.

The wreath below has become my very first Halloween wreath and it still remains my favorite.

Don’t Enter Halloween Wreath:

What do you need?

– black, red, yellow, white decomesh

– pipe cleaners

– don’t enter Halloween picture

– glitter spiders

– Halloween ribbons

– wreath frame

How are you?

1) Attach the pipe cleaners to the wreath frame

2) Cut the decomesh and ribbons to size with a wire cutter

3) Squeeze the decomesh into a package and put them in the pipe cleaners

4) Cut the corners out of the Halloween ribbons

5) Add all decomesh and ribbons in pipe cleaners and tie it

6) Place the text plate in the middle with pipe cleaners

7) Add the glitter spiders and a hanging ribbon to the wreath

And that’s it. The result is certainly worth the while.

Of course you are free to add more/less accessories to a wreath. 

In this example, a 45cm frame was used and I used the Belgian colors in this wreath type.

And when Halloween has passed, just store it away in an Ikea Bag, for next year.


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