How to convert a JPG into a SVG?

How do you convert a JPG to SVG?

What is a JPG?

JPG is sometimes referred to as JPEG, and is actually a photo file. JPG is the abbreviation of Joint Photography Group and is easily recognized by the extension .JPG, such as example foto.jpg. This type of photo file is usually used with web photos because they are smaller and of lower quality, but they do not destroy the image. They are easy to load on websites and other devices.

What is a PNG?

Another counterpart is the PNG. PNG is short for Portable Network Graphics and is another type of photo image for the web. 

The big difference is that PNG are bigger and offer higher quality. This works best for printing and isn’t great for a website because they’re bigger, but also because they load slower on the web.

PNGs can also have a transparent background, something you won’t find with a JPG.

How do you transfer a JPG or PNG to SVG?

There are 2 options to do this:

Option 1: 

On the internet you will find many converters where you can transfer a JPG to SVG. You just have to upload the file and indicate which format you want to transfer the JPG to. These programs are generally free, but you should check carefully. 

Option 2:

Depending on which program you use, you can convert a JPG to an SVG. I work with Procreate at home, but you can just as easily do this with Photoshop or Inkscape, whichever photo program you use. What should you do?

Just put your chosen image format in your photo program and save this copy in the form of a  SVG  file.

Another tip:

It is important to use photos that you own copyright over. Some converters have this stated in their terms and conditions. This is also important if you might want to transfer a .JPG or .PNG to SVG within your cutting plotter software.

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