How to cut & apply vinyl?

These tips below apply to (Permanent) vinyl for surfaces such as coffee cups, wood.

Does your creative craft project contain textiles or other objects that require working with a Heatpress, then the step with Cricut Transfer Tape does not apply.

Cutting Vinyl with a Cricut Machine:

  1. Place the liner side down on the Cricut standard mat (=blue mat)
  2. Select the image and the size
  3. Place the blue mat in the Cricut cutting machine.
  4. Follow the actions that appear on your screen to apply the correct machine settings.
  5. Press flashing start button.

Prepare with the Cricut Transfer Tape.

  1. Remove or peel the negative pieces from each image so that the clear liner remains intact. This is easiest with a peeling hook.
  2. Remove the liner from the transfer tape.
  3. Lay your transfer tape upside down (adhesive side up)
  4. Then place your image on the transfer tape with the image down.
  5. To avoid air bubbles, start in the center and push everything towards the edges. You get the best results with a spatula or scraper.
  6. Start peeling off the transfer tape on one side. If it still isn’t right, do step 5 again.


  1. Make sure your work surface is clean and dry before you begin.
  2. Lay your transfer tape adhesive side up so you can easily place your  vinyl  on it.
  3. Start from the center towards the side edges to allow the transfer tape to stick to the vinyl.
  4. Don’t throw away your transfer tape. This can still be used for other projects. So stick the back on it.
  5. Does your craft project contain elements that require the Heatpress? Then you do not need to perform step 2. 

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