How to label

How to place a sticker?

If you want to label something with a sticker, you first need to know what type of craft project you want to start. Everything depends on what you want to achieve. 

Witches Brew Potion bottle
Witches Brew Label potion – copyright Rafe & Shiro’s Home

What do you need?

  • an image that you are going to transfer to a sticker
  • Transfer foil or application foil
  • an object (e.g. bottle, wooden products

How do you proceed?

  • Once you have found an image, as well as the type of vinyl foil, you need to prepare your object for use.
  • Your object can be a bottle as shown on the right, but can also just as well be a drinking bottle, or have a wooden surface.
  • When your object is ready to transfer the image, you still need transfer foil. This is a type of foil that you place over your sticker foil, so that you can easily transfer your drawing to your object.
  • If the transfer foil sticks to it, you can remove the white background from the sticker foil. Then place the sticker film on your object. Make sure you press it down well to make it stick.
  • If you think you are ready, take the transfer foil from your sticker foil. If you have pressed well, it will dissolve with ease. If not, you have to press it again well and try again

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