What is a Mylar stencil?

Mylar stencil is a stencil that is often combined with paint. It’s not called a paint stencil for nothing. The main advantage of Mylar is that it is reusable (provided proper maintenance of course).

Mylar Template is a flexible foil, in which a pattern, drawing or text can be cut by means of a cutting plotter or a cutting knife. They consist of different sizes, but the most common sizes are A5 format or A6 format or even A4 formats. 

You recognize them most in the interior industry, where they are used to draw patterns on a wall. A Mylar stencil does not stick by itself, and you have to press it against the wall yourself so that the paint does not get under the stencil. Or you can temporarily stick it to the wall using non-permanent glue. That way you can use paint to tampon the pattern against the wall in order to transfer a simple, yet super original decoration pattern to your wall.

A template is easy to transfer if your walls are not suitable for a  wall sticker . 

In addition to being used on a wall, they are also ideal for starting all kinds of craft projects. Just think of cheering up a wooden wall circle, or making a greeting card to cheer someone up. Or just make yourself a reminder like a T-shirt, with which you make it clear to yourself that the inner is more important than the looks.

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As indicated earlier, a Mylar template can be used several times, if you maintain it properly. Good maintenance consists of cleaning the stencil with a non-abrasive sponge and using warm to lukewarm water. Make sure you don’t curl the corners of the letters, or the pattern or the drawing, because then the paint will bleed through so easily.

Then you can easily store the paint templates in a plastic bag, in order to save the shapes of your template. It is best to store the plastic bags flat in a chest of drawers, or put them in a plastic folder in a cover.

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