What template types work best?

Different templates materials

There are several ways to do this:

– paper

– mylar foil

– vinyl foil

What is the biggest difference between these 3 ways?

Stenciling with paper:

This is the cheapest of the 3. You print your image on paper and transfer it using carbon paper (depending on your object).

As soon as the image is on your object, you only have to color it by means of paint. You can certainly not work with paint over the paper stencil, because this does not stop the bleeding.

Template with  Mylar :

Mylar is a sturdy plastic film. You can easily cut a figure from this polyester film by means of a  cutting plotter  . You place the mylar foil on your wall and you can paint with your favorite color. All you need to do is press and hold it well and don’t use too much paint. It is best to dip lightly in your paint color and dab lightly (= tampon). 

You can also work with a non-permanent glue so that the Mylar foil sticks more to your wall. This can of course leave some glue residue on your wall. 

The stencil has a transparent look and can be reused, if properly maintained (warm-lukewarm water and a non-abrasive sponge). Afterwards, it is best to store in a plastic bag.

Be yourself and beauty starts instantly – copyright Rafe & Shiro’s

Stenciling with vinyl foil:

You don’t Fight Alone –
copyright Rafe & Shiro’s

Vinyl foil is similar to Mylar template, only it has a sticky white background. So you don’t have to use non-permanent glue to make this stick even more because it sticks enough on its own.

How do you do this? You have to peel off the white background first. Then stick the vinyl (blue side) on your object. In this case it was on a wooden wall sign, but you can also use it on a wall.

It is best to press it profoundly on your wood, so that it sticks well everywhere. This way it will not bleed that easily.

And make sure that you don’t use too much paint. Otherwise the paint will bleed underneath your vinyl and your creation is ruined.

Unfortunately, vinyl foil cannot be used. So you can’t stick the white side back to your blue side and wash it off. So it can only be used once. Great for making a personalized gifts.