What types of cutters are there?

The most famous hobby cutting plotters are:

– Cricut

– Silhouette

– Brother Scan ‘N Cut

What can you do with a cutting machine?

With these 3 hobby cutting machines you can make cards, scrapbooking craft projects, print your textiles. Or decorate your own coffee bag with  stickers .

Even your own  home accessories is one of those craft ideas. So too many to mention.

What is the difference between these 3 popular hobby plotters?


– Silhouette Cameo: from 299 euros

– Brother ScanNCut: from 269 euros

– Cricut: from 399 euros

Pros and cons:

Brother ScanNCut are faster and more accurate than Silhouette Cameo, even now Cameo 3 has two holders. In addition to ease of use, Brother ScanNCut cutting machines have a standard included package that is much more extensive than the Silhouette. You get ao. a cutting mat, knife holder and blade, peeling hook, spatula, pouch and touch pen. 

The ScanNCut cutting plotter also comes standard with a large amount of fonts and pre-programmed designs (up to 600!). And all this already with the entry-level model (CM300). If you opt for a more luxurious model, you have even more options.

If you go for a Cricut, you can also get a package of vinyl foil or countless basic materials with some models. You also have countless other products that you can combine with a Cricut, and the standard included package is also more extensive.


ScanNCut is the only cutting plotter on the market that has a built-in scanner. You use the scanner to cut something straight, but also to scan and cut or even draw from a different material. An easy shape or image, your ScanNCut immediately knows where to cut. But you can also get started with a computer with a ScanNCut. You get instant access to other cutters for free to a super easy-to-use program.

If you opt for a Silhouette and Cricut, you will always need a computer and the software to cut new designs. Again, this software is free, but if you want to use other fonts and images, you’ll need to purchase a subscription from Cricut. This is not always necessary. there are plenty of other  images  for sale on the internet. 

Need inspiration?